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Cooperative Systems

The single greatest trend within the global development of the motor vehicle industry is the constantly expanding feature of electronics and software. More and more advanced sensors and automatic control systems make it possible to increase the safety and efficiency of vehicles and transport systems considerably. The sharing and fusion of data between systems and individuals through cooperative systems allows for improvements in safety and efficiency with reduced environmental impact, higher flow and less congestion.

The vehicles of the future will be an integrated part of the transportation system which requires close interaction with the infrastructure and other road users. The step forward from the current passive infrastructure to the active infrastructure of tomorrow entails a large challenge which is primarily not technical.

The research-group at Viktoria Institute focuses on the development of knowledge on conditions for cooperative systems to grow and prosper. We are interested in what classes of problems cooperative systems may improve on business models for cooperative systems, on data mining,  information fusion and cognition, and on information requirements. Our studies often result in, or are based on demonstrators and pilot projekts close to commercialisation together with industry partners.


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