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Digital Innovation

Digitalization involves new organizational processes as well as changes in artifacts themselves. The term is not yet to be found in most dictionaries of the English language. The word digitize usually is. However, by just digitizing the analog you risk merely copying existing business - a strategy of digital substitution. There is more to creating digital business than replacing atoms with bytes.

Digitalization goes beyond the technical process of digitization. Digitization means encoding various types of analog information in digital format and then processing digital information using pre-programmed instructions. In digitalization, innovation comes not only from this digitization of phones, cars or books.  It is a much broader change of organizing logic in multiple industries and marketplaces that become connected through a common digital infrastructure.

We have accumulated several years of experience of applied research in this area specializing in vehicle manufacturing, logistics, physical infrastructure management and consumer goods. Together with partnering organizations in these industries we have worked with changes in business models, organizing, networking and innovation strategies connected to digitization.


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