Java EE developers for the STM Validation Project

We are looking for two Java EE developers with good software architecture experience. As we are a research institute building demonstrator systems for research projects, you should love working independently as part of a small and tightly knit team, not be afraid of incomplete specifications, and love facing new challenges.

Viktoria Swedish ICT is working, as part of the EU project Sea Traffic Management Validation (STM), to revolutionise transportation at sea through maritime informatics research. We now need two experienced developers/architects to help us build information sharing solutions to demonstrate and validate concepts within Sea Traffic Management.

The main goal of the STM Validation Project, which comprises more than 50 partners, including beneficiaries, implementing bodies and associated partners, from 13 European countries, is to provide a validated concept for STM and to demonstrate the STM concepts in test beds and the European Maritime Simulator Network. The test beds, located in the Nordic area and in the Mediterranean Sea, will encompass 300 ships, 13 seaports and 5 shore centres.

PortCDM (Port Collaborative Decision Making), one concept within STM, supports information sharing between actors involved in port calls. By providing a platform for sharing port call information, we will enable improved situational awareness, efficiency, productivity, and predictability for port calls. Viktoria Swedish ICT coordinate the PortCDM test bed and takes the role of coordinating the technical development, using several partners, necessary for performing validation of the concept.

As a suitable candidate, you need to:

  • Be very familiar with Java EE 7 and have a broad technical competence
  • Be experienced enough to be able to approach software problems from an architectural perspective with a wide overview while being equally comfortable digging into the source code
  • produce efficient, reliable and maintainable code

It is a definite plus if you also:

  • are familiar with test driven development
  • have good knowledge of REST, Maven, JPA and CDI
  • have experience with communication protocol development
  • are familiar with open source development models, as all our source code is open
  • are familiar with SOA principles

Interested? – please contact: