Opportunity for Master thesis: Interaction Concepts for Shared Self-Driving Vehicles

Self-driving vehicles have the potential to revolutionize our transport system. Help us make it possible!

The development of self-driving vehicles is very fast, and the first versions are already driving on public streets. One challenge is still how these vehicles best should interact and communicate their intentions with humans on-board and at the streets.

In this thesis work you will be able to explore future interaction design concepts for the self-driving vehicles of the future. By utilising your knowledge in design and evaluation you will create new concepts that will show how these types of vehicles can communicate to its surroundings using digital solutions of your choice (e.g., led lights, sound, projectors, colors etc.).

Activities included in the thesis work are requirement analysis, concept generation, prototype development, and evaluation from a user perspective.

Your work will be an important part in the future development of the Research Concept Vehicle (RCV) and you will contribute to ongoing research at Viktoria Swedish ICT and Integrated Transport Research Lab (ITRL) at KTH.

We think that you are two students working together as a team. Selection of thesis workers will be performed continuously.

Welcome with your application, including CV and a short personal letter, to Anna Pernestål Brenden and Maria Klingegård via email: pernestal [at] kth.se, maria.klingegard [at] viktoria.se


ABOUT Integrated Transport Research Lab ITRL

ITRL is a research centre at KTH performing research on future’s sustainable mobility and transport from an integrated perspective. In our projects we work both on a holistic level and with demonstrations and Living Labs. Our main focus areas are Connected & Automated transport systems, Efficient transports and Mobility services. Scania and Ericsson are partners in ITRL. More information at: www.itrl.kth.se

ABOUT Viktoria Swedish ICT

Viktoria Swedish ICT, member of RISE, is a non-profit research institute dedicated to enable sustainable mobility by the use of information and communication technology (ICT). The overall aim is to contribute to a worldwide development that takes care of the great challenges for the automotive and transport sector: oil dependency, accidents, and impact on climate and environment. More information at: www.viktoria.se