Sustainable Business opens new position

Viktoria Swedish ICT aims to support a sustainable reorientation of the automotive and transport sectors. As a research institute, Viktoria acts as a bridge between academia and industry to perform applied research, development and innovation projects in collaboration with a range of societal partners.

Within Viktoria, the Sustainable Business application area focuses on identifying ways in which the private sector can make radical gains in resource productivity. To this end we focus on two streams of research – circular economy and servitised mobility. Within these themes, we perform research on the development and diffusion of new business models, including business model design, product development, managing business risks and overcoming intra- and inter-organisational inertia.

​The public sector can play an important role in the shift to a more resource-productive society, both in terms of policy and market-creation. In many countries, the public sector spends a significant part of GDP in terms of consumption and investments. The public sector can thus play a significant role in steering market demand by, for instance, procuring product performance in place of products themselves.

We aim to examine the role of the public sector in broader change programmes, and intend to run collaborative research projects that can generate actionable, scientific knowledge using multiple perspectives. We are now looking for individuals in possession of a doctoral degree that have at least five years experience from the public sector. Ideally candidates should possess knowledge regarding sociotechnical systems, innovation systems and transition theories together with organisational theories and business strategy. Candidates with experience of action research are also desirable.

If the position sounds interesting, please send an email with your CV to mats.williander [at] (subject: Re.%20open%20position) .