Postal & visiting address HQ

RISE Viktoria (former Viktoria Swedish ICT)
Lindholmen Science Park
Lindholmspiren 3A
SE-417 56 Göteborg, Sweden

info.viktoria [at]
Phone: +46 31 772 48 08
Fax: +46 31 772 89 63

By public transport

Bus stop: Lindholmen (located approximately 200 meters from Viktoria Swedish ICT). The easiest way to go by public transport from Central station (Nordstan) or Brunnsparken is to take bus N:o 16 or bus GUL (7 minutes travel). Other buses that stops at Lindholmen: N:o 31, 45, 99 and 402.
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By boat

The ferry Älvsnabben runs between Klippan - Eriksberg - Lindholmspiren - Stenpiren. You have to get off the boat at the stop called Lindholmspiren. There is also another ferry: Älvsnabbare, which runs between Stenpiren (close to Nordstan) straight to Lindholmspiren (Lindholmen) and is free of charge.
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By car

From Götaälvbron (bridge), Tingstadstunneln, route E6, E20, or route 45, drive towards Norra Älvstranden to Lindholmsmotet. Take left towards Lindholmen.

From Älvsborgsbron (bridge) drive towards Norra Älvstranden through the Lundbytunnel. Follow the signs "Norra Älvstranden" and then "Lindholmen".

Airport and flight information

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