Emerging Opportunities in Autonomous Systems

Emerging Opportunities in Autonomous Systems

By ICES Autonomous Architectures and Platforms Competence Group

Autonomous systems market is expected to become one of the largest emerging markets of the XXI century with a great variety of innovative products and services. This opens up excellent and unique business opportunities already today to invest in development of this future. In this workshop, we would like to discuss opportunities for autonomous systems in different industries. We would like to look into use cases and success stories, bring views of manufacturers, users, investors and authorities. In particular, we will take up examples of autonomous vehicles and other consumer products. We will learn about possible pitfalls and challenges, and will discover opportunities that are waiting just around the corner in that exciting future of autonomous systems and services.

December 7, 2015

KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm


Preliminary program

Moderator: Dr. Viacheslav Izosimov, ICES Competence Group Leader, Autonomous Architectures & Platforms, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

08:30-09:00 Morning coffee and registration

09:00-09:30 New business opportunities in the era of cyber-physical systems

Prof. Martin Törngren, Director, Innovative Centre for Embedded Systems, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

09:30-10:10 Deploying autonomous vehicles: A chance for a European start-up scene?

Dr. Rainer Scholz, Executive Director, GSA Mobility Innovation Group, Advisory Services, Ernst & Young Gmbh

10:10-10:40 Coffee

10:40-11:20 Realising new business opportunities for autonomous vehicles

Dr. Cristofer Englund, Research Manager, Cooperative Systems, Viktoria Swedish ICT

11:20-12:00 Challenges for human-in-the loop robotic systems

Prof. Danica Kragic, Director, Centre for Autonomous Systems, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

12:00-13:00 Lunch

13:00-13:40 Keep Calm and Start Robotics Companies

Per Sjöborg, All around robotics geek, starting three robotics businesses at present

13:40-14:20 Commercial applications for heavy autonomous vehicles

Viktor Kaznov, Systems architect, Scania CV

14:20-14:50 Coffee

14:50-15:30 Why Autonomous Cars?

Marcus Rothoff, Autonomous Driving Program Director, Volvo Cars Group

15:30-16:10 Automated cars, the role of an infrastructure provider

Prof. Anders Lie, Swedish Transport Administration and Division of Vehicle Safety

16:10-16:50 Panel discussion

16:50-17:00 Concluding remarks


10:40-11:20 Realising new business opportunities for autonomous vehicles

Dr. Cristofer Englund, Research Manager, Cooperative Systems, Viktoria Swedish ICT AB


There are a number of direct benefits for autonomous vehicles ranging from improved safety and comfort to improved efficiency. These benefits may implicate new business opportunities for service providers as well as current and new vehicle manufacturers. This talk will discuss current trends in technology and business for autonomous vehicular systems.  Ownership, linear versus circular business models and utilization of resources will be highlighted and elaboration upon.  Discussion on how different business models will affect the decisions on how to design the future transportation system will also be made.



Cristofer Englund received his Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from Chalmers University of Technology in 2007. From 2008 to 2010, he had a research position within industry and was conducting research on 3D image processing. He is currently a Research Manager with the Cooperative Systems Group at Viktoria Swedish ICT in Gothenburg.

He is also an Adjunct Senior Lecturer with the School of Information Technology, Halmstad University. In parallel he is also the Leader of the Traffic Systems Competence Group, SAFER Vehicle and Traffic Safety Centre, Chalmers University of Technology. His research interests are in random forests, artificial neural networks, pattern recognition, and image processing. The research topics include autonomous vehicles, cooperative intelligent transport systems, traffic coordination, and data mining.

Monday, December 7, 2015, 08:30 to 17:00
KTH Campus (Kemi)
Teknikringen 28, K2
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