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Cooperative Systems

The single greatest trend within the global development of the motor vehicle industry is the constantly expanding use of electronics and software. More and more advanced sensors and automatic control systems make it possible to considerably increase the safety and efficiency of vehicles and transport systems. The sharing of information between systems and individuals allows for improvements in traffic safety, efficiency and comfort. When road users communicate with each other to achieve these goals the emerging collaboration forms a base for a cooperative system.

>The vehicle of the future will be an integrated part of the transportation system, requiring close interaction with the infrastructure and other road users. The step forward from the current passive infrastructure to the active infrastructure of tomorrow poses challenges which are primarily not technical. And when it comes to cooperative systems where vehicles and infrastructure negotiate to improve the performance of the traffic system the real challenge starts.

The Cooperative Systems research group at Viktoria Institute focuses on the development of knowledge on conditions for cooperative systems to grow and prosper. The group undertakes multidisciplinary research projects and its interests in cooperative systems include both technical areas such as wireless communication, embedded systems, human-machine interfaces, data security and sensor fusion but also organizational aspects such as commercialization and multi stakeholder business modelling. Within these areas the current group members’ core competences can be found; business modelling, data mining, information fusion, cognition and wireless communication.

Our research studies often result in, or are based on, demonstrators and pilot projects close to commercialisation together with industry partners.


Jonas Andersson
Senior Researcher
+46 73 925 80 89
jonas.andersson [at]

Lei Chen
Senior Researcher
+46 76 777 14 49
lei.chen [at]

Boris Duran
Senior Researcher
+46 70 448 32 35
boris.duran [at]

Mahdere DW Amanuel
Senior Researcher
+46 73 591 42 94
mahdere.amanuel [at]

Cristofer Englund
Research Manager
+46 70 856 02 27
cristofer.englund [at]

Azra Habibovic
Senior Researcher
+46 70 485 55 69
azra.habibovic [at]

Thanh Hai Bui
Senior Researcher
+46 72 206 33 99
thanh.bui [at]

Maria Klingegård
Senior Researcher
+46 70 280 26 16
maria.klingegard [at]

David Lindström
Senior Researcher
+46 73 061 73 34
david.lindstrom [at]

Victor Malmsten
+4670 745 23 73
victor.malmsten [at]

Martin Torstensson
+46 73 055 60 84
martin.torstensson [at]

Alexey Voronov
Senior Researcher
+46 73 763 0669
alexey.voronov [at]


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