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Digital Innovation

The Digitalization Strategy group conducts applied research based on a firm belief that open architectures an platforms are important means to build powerful innovation ecosystems. Our vision is therefore to conduct leading research on digital innovation with significant impact in the field of information systems. This vision centered on digital innovation implies a focus on contemporary issues such as new digital product architectures, open platforms, governance, innovation ecosystems, generativity, innovation processes, 3rd-party development, and path creation and dependece.

Our research is based on value-creating and action-oriented projects in collaboration with firms operating in the automotive industry. Examples of application areas include open architecture, HMI, telematics, and nomadic device integration. Moreover, the research of the Open Vehicle group  covers process innovation research focused on the intersection between business and software architectures.

Members of the group currently include Fredrik Svahn and Lena Andreasson.


Peter Altmann
Senior Researcher
+46 725 45 26 69
peter.altmann [at]

Magnus Andersson
Senior Researcher
+46 73 645 71 63
magnus.andersson [at]

Patrik Andersson
+46 72 208 93 35
patrik.andersson [at]

Anders Dalén
Senior Researcher
+46 73 065 47 50
anders.dalen [at]

Sara Fallahi
Senior Researcher
+46 76 677 72 66
sara.fallahi [at]

Anders Hjalmarsson
Senior Researcher
+46 70 756 78 70
anders.hjalmarsson [at]

Taline Jadaan
+46 70 651 00 12
taline.jadaan [at]

Gustaf Juell-Skielse
Senior Researcher
+46 73 707 87 32
gustaf.juell-skielse [at]

Daniel Rudmark
Senior Researcher
+46 73 360 40 50
daniel.rudmark [at]


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