Mobility as a Service

Mobility as a Service, MaaS, is often described as the most exciting paradigm shift at present in the transport sector. RISE Viktoria is involved in several MaaS-related projects and has established itself as one of the leading research-actors in the field.

Following trends of the increased digitalisation, sharing economy and urbanisation the prerequisites for a real change in how we are consuming transport services are at hand. In 2013 and 2014, a new transport service was piloted in the GoSmart project supported by RISE Viktoria. The project, which engaged 70 households in Gothenburg, proved that car-owners are willing to depart from their car, changing it for packaged mobility services leading to a more sustainable mobility pattern. The UbiGo service developed in the project is now restarting in partnership with the Swedish telecom industry heading for commercialization, and MaaS is now on everybody’s lips in the transport sector.

What started as a business model hypothesis in a pre-study financed by VINNOVA, back in 2011, is now being realized in different pilots and commercial enterprises around Europe. The UbiGo service was tried in a real living lab in the GoSmart project (VINNOVA, 2014) showing the viability of the business model. At the ITS Europe conference in Helsinki 2014, the term MaaS was introduced describing the offering of various mobility services in a packaged subscription to the customer.

Since then, Finland has launched an innovation program through the Finnish innovation agency TEKES, that has included MaaS in their national transport policy and several MaaS enterprises have seen the daylight. At a European level, the newly formed MaaS-alliance is formed, gathering industry and public bodies and through collaboration promoting MaaS as an alternative to increased car-ownership.

What happened to the UbiGo service? After the project ended, a SME was started with some of the driving forces behind the service. Ubigo Innovation AB has since the project-end been marketing the MaaS-concepts at various conferences and was also awarded the International Transport Forum’s 2015 Promising Innovation in Transport Award. In December 2015, Ubigo and Ericsson announced collaboration where Ericsson will provide the MaaS IT-platform as a service, end thus, lowering one of the thresholds for the MaaS operator to start up a commercial service.

RISE Viktoria is now involved in several MaaS related projects and has established themselves as one of the leading research-actors in the field of Mobility as a Service, collaborating with national and international research partners such as Chalmers (SE), VTT (FI), University of Tampere (FI), AustriaTech (AUT) and University of Michigan (US), to support the transition towards a more sustainable transport system.