Alberto Frigo wins Prix Möbius Creation Nordica

10 April, 2007 - 11:00

Alberto Frigo won Prix Möbius Nordica for Creation for his works dRream_me and SOBJEKT on March 30th. He was awarded at the Kiasma Theatre in Helsinki, Finland. dReam_me can be described as an on-line dream sampler. SOBJEKT is a picture database, an interactive record of everyday gestures made with his right hand using everday objects like a pen, coffe cup, toothbrush, knife etcetera.What did you get?–  I got a diploma and a chance to show my work in Paris at the Prix Möbius International later this year. What does the prize mean to you personally?– You do all this work and want to get feedback. The prize is a stimulus to keep up the work as an artist. It can be a pain in the ass sometimes! It is hard to get support as an artist within new media in Sweden. What will you do next?– I keep working. Both dRream_me and SOBJECT are lifelong projects. They are representing the lifespan of an individual. Alberto Frigo´s work has been internationally awarded by Ars Electronica, the Japan Media Arts Festival and now Prix Möbius Nordica. He teaches at the Art and Technology program at the Chalmers University in Gothenburg and at Konstfack, University College of Arts and Crafts in Stockholm. He is an guest artist at the Interactive Institute. See Alberto Frigos awarded works dRream_me och SOBJEKT at: http://www.albertofrigo.netRead more about Prix Möbius Nordica at: