Expert in Electromobility at RISE Viktoria interviewed in Thinking Cities

8 March, 2017 - 18:43

“There is enough energy to run the entire vehicle fleet on electricity [in Sweden]. The problem is one of output. If everyone charges their vehicle at the same time, there will likely be a bottleneck situation,” says Stefan Pettersson, associate professor and research manager for electromobility at RISE Viktoria research institute in Gothenburg." Stefan continues:

"The priority in any demand management system is to cut the peaks. The peaks drive the costs. One obvious solution is to stagger charging over time, for instance throughout the night."

“We are also running a project looking at options for charging at dwellings with shared occupancy, such as blocks of flats. There are different models for sharing the cost. At the moment it seems that the most successful way is to apply a flat charge to all the parking spaces in an area, or to all spaces with charging facilities. The electricity itself is so inexpensive that it is hardly worth the cost for metering the energy and identifying the user."

These sentences can be found in Thinking Cities, Volume 3, Issue 2, November 2016, p. 31, a newspaper magazine for decision makers at local and regional level across Europe, having 24,000 readers. Stefan was interviewed this autumn as an expert in the field.