Hampus Alfredsson joins RISE Viktoria

19 September, 2018 - 13:05

Starting September 17 2018, Hampus Alfredsson joined the Electromobility team at RISE Viktoria as a researcher. Hampus is born and raised in Lysekil (north of Gothenburg), but later moved south to Lund for studying.

Hampus obtained his M.Sc. in Environmental Engineering specialized within Energy Systems at Lund University in June 2018. Improvements of energy systems by modern technology, efficiency enhancements and environmental aspects have definitely formed the headline of Hampus five-year education. Hampus really found his interest and passion about electromobility and sustainable transport systems when he wrote his master thesis on electrification of Lund city bus traffic using electric road systems (ERS). Hampus truly believe in the vast amounts of electric applications that our future holds, and therefore dream to become a part of that revolution.