Linda Olsson joins Electromobility at RISE Viktoria

5 February, 2018 - 11:28

In January, Linda Olsson joined Electromobility at RISE Viktoria. She enjoys interdisciplinary research, bringing technology and social sciences together, which her background demonstrates. Linda holds an MSc in Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering and started her career in systems engineering. She then gained a PhD in Energy Systems from Linköping University, where she studied climate impact from energy use in road transport from a sociotechnical perspective. After finishing her dissertation in 2015, she worked with energy and climate issues as a civil servant at a medium-sized municipality, thus increasing her knowledge of and interest in policy issues and societal sustainability challenges. Linda’s main research interests are sustainable energy use in transport and interactions between technology and society. At RISE Viktoria, she looks forward to creative collaboration with researchers from different disciplines.