Maria Schnurr joins Sustainable Business

17 February, 2017 - 13:12

In February, Maria Schnurr joined Sustainable Business at RISE Viktoria. Maria moved with her family to Göteborg – which, by the way, scored #5 in a recent global talent competitive cities ranking – all the way from Cologne, Germany where she worked 6 years in foresight consulting, bringing to Viktoria her capacities in strategic scenario management and trend analysis as well as her insights she gained from working with the transport and other industries. In 2010, she finished her PhD at Volkswagen, exploring opportunities for car manufacturers in mobility services - at a time when this business model had merely taken off among OEM. Maria is not only enthusiastic about sustainability and mobility, but also about Sverige where she has enjoyed several vacations in Bohuslän. Maria arrived with a working knowledge of fika Swedish – along with her fluency in German, English and French.