New Project on Home Care

15 February, 2007 - 09:44

The Knowledge Foundation has provided a grant for the project "Safe At Home - Living And Residing" which is led by the Health Technology Alliance in the Halmstad region. The objective of the 8-month pilot project (January 2007-August 2007) is to establish a consortia and process for innovating IT products that enable elderly people to live and receive appropriate care in their homes. The participating organizations include Halmstad Municipality, Halmstad University, Karlstad University, a landlord company (HFAB), a number of IT companies (Komikapp Rehatek, Neat Electronics, Emwitec, MedicPen, LIC Audio, Phoniro, Free2move, ProEvolution, Innovation Team, Lansen), and the Viktoria Institute. Viktoria´s work in the project concerns stakeholder analysis with particular attention to collaboration requirements regarding both technical infrastructure and business models. For more information about Viktoria´s part of the project, contact christian.hardless [at] (Christian Hardless).