Prize Ceremony for the Olympic City Transport Challenge in Rio de Janerio

17 June, 2016 - 09:10

Recently, 7´th of June 2016, there was a prize ceremony of the OCTC, Olympic City Transport Challenge,

The announcement of the winners was made beginning of April 2016

The OCTC is a part of the UMIS project,, this project is sponsored by Vinnova and beside Viktoria Swedish ICT also ModernAge from Sweden is a partner. ModernAge,  are developing and responsible for the API platform.

There was three categories “Comfort and Accessibility”, "Experience the Olympics" and "Travel Planner".

From upper left Louise N. Anderson Honorary Consul General, Pedro Junqueira CEO COR, José Luiz Barbosa Viktoria Swedish ICT, Mariano Tucat RioGo, Herlan Antunes Trafi, Fabio Pimentel CEO IplanRio, Diego Blanc Rio de Janeiro City Hall. From lower left Marcos Sampaio Livrit, Alexandre Cardeman CTO COR, Marcelo Cardoso Livrit, Leandro Cordeiro Livrit, Ambassador Laudemar Aguiar Rio de Janeiro City Hall

The Prize ceremony was a good opportunity for the winners to meet representatives from the project and also representatives from City Hall. Next step will be “fine tuning” of the APPs and the data that are provided from IplanRio.

The project was also an enabler to start the LINC (Collaborative Innovation Lab) at IplanRio.

From the left Prize-giver Louise N. Anderson, Swedish Honorary Consul General, Marcelo Cardoso, Leandro Cordeiro and Marcelo Cardoso from Livrit

From the left Mariano Tucat, RioGo and Prize-giver Fabio Pimentel CEO IplanRio

From the left Herlan Antunes, Trafi and Prize-giver Pedro Junqueira CEO COR

The ceremony was also highlighted in an article,