RISE Viktoria accelerating measurement of the circular economy

28 March, 2017 - 12:00

RISE Viktoria has now secured funding to continue push the development, evaluation and establishment of metrics to measure the circular economy. Our backers are RE:Source/Swedish Energy Agency (1.5MSEK stages one and two) and Marianne and Marcus Wallenberg foundation (4.3MSEK stage three and onwards).

In September 2016 we started the first stage of a multi-stage rocket to establish metrics for the circular economy in industry. The first stage finished in February 2017, having introduced the project to and involved 21 companies and public procurers in coming stages. Including tests and evaluation of a specific circularity metric.

RISE Viktoria has also begun raising awareness of the topic more broadly, including an opinion piece in Svenska Dagbladet (Cirkulär ekonomi behöver kunna mätas).

As part of the development of valid and robust metrics our current product-level circularity metric proposal was published open access in Journal of Industrial Ecology (Wiley):

Linder, M., Sarasini, S. and van Loon, P. (2017), A Metric for Quantifying Product-Level Circularity. Journal of Industrial Ecology. doi:10.1111/jiec.12552



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