search findings revealed at FTE Asia 2012 conclude collaboration and innovation are key to seamless future passenger experience

21 February, 2012 - 07:46

Future Travel Experience 2012-02-16The conference, delivered in partnership with IATA and ACI Asia-Pacific, included a keynote from Tan Sri Bashir Ahmad, Managing Director, Malaysia Airports and President, ACI Asia-Pacific, plus presentations from Emirates, All Nippon Airways, IATA, SAS Scandinavian Airlines, AirAsia, Tokyo International Air Terminal, Aéroports de Paris, Cathay Pacific Airways, Air France KLM, Amadeus, Changi Airport Group, Star Alliance, and Australia Customs and Border Protection Service.

The conference also placed an emphasis on the long-term view to enhance the passenger journey thanks to two enlightening presentations from Mikael Lind, Research Manager, Sustainable Transports, Viktoria Institute and Project Manager – Future Airports, and Rohit Talwar, CEO and Founder, Fast Future Research, who revealed with Patricia Simillon, Head of Airlines Operations Strategy, Amadeus, some of the initial findings of a major new study around the airport experience for 2025, which will be launched later this more...