Stefan Tongur joins RISE Viktoria

26 June, 2018 - 12:42

Stefan Tongur joined RISE Viktoria in May 2018 and is interested in exploring the relationship between business models and potential socio-techncial transition. Stefan has a particular interest in electric road systems (ERS) since he studied the evolution of ERS through case studies in Sweden and LA, and defined the concept of ERS early in 2010. His work on ERS and business models has been published in academic journals and conferences such as Technovation, Environmental innovation and societal transition, and IEEE conference on Energy, power, and transportation.

Stefan holds a MSc in Mechanical Engineering and did his master thesis in Tanzania, exploring development effects in relation to foreign direct investments. In April 2018, Stefan defended his PhD thesis entitled “Preparing for takeoff – Analyzing the development of electric road system from a business model perspective” at the department of Industrial Economics and Management at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. When he is not working at the office he can be found busy with refereeing at the football pitch.”