Viktoria Swedish ICT cooperation with Shanghai International Automobile City Group

2 May, 2013 - 13:35

On May 30, Dr. Stefan Pettersson from Viktoria Swedish ICT will represent Viktoria Swedish ICT in a signing ceremony that will be held together with “Unveiling Ceremony of EV International Cooperation Base Shanghai” in conjunction with the 2013 International Forum on Electric Vehicle Pilot Cities and Industrial Development.

There will be 3 parties participating in the ceremony: University California Davis, AT Kearney, and Viktoria Swedish ICT.

The initial cooperation between Viktoria and SIAC concerns a demonstration project for free-floating car sharing using electric vehicles, for which applications have been filed to VINNOVA and MOST.

At the forum following the ceremony, Dr. Pettersson will hold a speech speech in the session “Innovative Practices of International EV Pilot Cities”.