Viktoria Swedish ICT participates in the second electric city-race in Göteborg - eLeMans

16 September, 2013 - 10:28

For the second year, Viktoria ICT participates in the eLeMans (, city-race for electric vehicles, wich takes place at Göteborg City  Arena. The event is organized by the eCoast-project, , with the purpose to highlight the electric vehicles and also bringing people with interest in electric vehicles together. In the race, everything from 20-year old electric cars to the models newly introduced to the market, are particapating.

"For us as researchers, its important also to particapate in different ativities in society where electric cars are tested. The enthusiast and regular users comes toghether and share experience and at the same time, also having some fun" - says Marin Gustavsson, senior researcher, who are one of the drivers of four Viktorians, particapating in the event