Winners announced for Olympic City Transport Challenge

1 April, 2016 - 21:50

Rio de Janeiro City Hall announces winners of International Challenge on Development of Urban Mobility Apps


Five apps especially made for the City will be a legacy after the Rio 2016 Games.


Rio de Janeiro, April 1st 2016 – The citizens of Rio de Janeiro will be able to use five urban mobility apps that made through the final phase of “Olympic City Transport Challenge”, an international contest, supported by the City Hall of Rio de Janeiro the swedish IT company ModernAge AB organized by Viktoria Swedish ICT, a swedish research institute.  The winners were announced today and the three apps will be available to the public in the second half of April 2016.


   - The challenge managed to engage 15 teams

   - Teams from 6 countries participate

   - 9 Teams was elected of the jury to the Final phase

   - In all there was 5 APP´s that GoLive, so far. More to come?

The challenge is part of the protocol of intentions signed by Empresa Municipal de Informática – IplanRio, the Rio Operations Center (Centro de Operações Rio) and Viktoria Swedish ICT, to conduct a research process based on the mobility data available in the website – the City Hall’s open data catalogue. 

Besides facilitating the mobility of the city before and after Rio 2016 Games, this challenge became an opportunity to empower the local and international community of application developers.  Sixteen participants enrolled for the first phase of the challenge. These participants went from individual developers and “startups” to medium and large companies, from seven different countries. 

Divided into three categories – Comfort and Accessibility, Experience the Olympics and Travel Planner – nine projects reached the final phase. The winners were, respectively, Livrit, RioGo and Trafi. The city residents will benefit from the ease of information provided by these apps, as the choice of better routes when crossing the city, combinations of public transport using the travel planner, bus stop indication for persons with disabilities, Olympic events and other touristic/cultural activities in the city.


Category 1: Comfort and Accessibility

Winner: Livrit (Brazil)

Justification of LIVRIT APP/Concept, winner of the “Comfort and Accessibility” category is the LIVRIT app, by Livrit. Livrit focuses on social inclusion and urban mobility for persons with disabilities. In a user-friendly platform, Livrit gathers information on both accessible areas and those that need improvement. Besides, Livrit helps authorities to better understand public needs. 



Category 2: Experience the Olympics

Winner: RioGo (Australia)

Justification of RioGo APP/Concept, winner of the “Experience the Olympics” category is the RioGo app, by SkedGo. RioGo will make mobility planning a lot easier during the Olympics and other events, as it seeks convenient travel options and facilitates the arrival of the public to competition venues. The application will also serve as legacy for the tourists after the Olympic Games.  



Category 3: Travel Planner

Winner: Trafi (Lithuania)

Justification of Trafi APP/Concept, winner of the “Travel Planner” category is the TRAFI app, by Trafi. Trafi has a history of helping Travelers all over the world. During the challenge, TRAFI proved very skillful in presenting many urban transport options for Rio including relevant posts by travelers in different social media.





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