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Applying ICT to the automotive and transport sector affects the industry in so many levels. Not only as technology and as a part of the products reaching the customers, but also as services, new business models, new ways of organizing and developing the organisations and companies involved in creating the transport system of tomorrow.

Therefore, our institute is organized to address all the issues and knowledge-needs that occurs in the transformation towards sustainable mobility. This means that we have an interdisiplinary organisation with researches and experts with quite different perspectives on the same challenge.

We have researchers studying the effects that information technology can have on transport-systems working side-by-side with senior researchers simulating and modelling traffic-systems in a city. We have researchers helping SME develop innovative business-models to speed up the implementation of electric vehicles at the same time as colleagues of theirs are standardizing life cycle analysis for environmental impact in the transport system.

With researchers covering special interest areas such as Human Machine Interaction for electric vehicles, how open public data can stimulate ICT usage in everyday transports, how airports can be developed towards sustainability, how Marine informatics can enhance shipping as a part of the multi-modal chain and many other industry specific knowledge-fields, Viktoria Swedish ICT can tailor a team of researchers, addressing  Your specific need of competence for Your specific challenge.

Our institute combines researchers with academic excellence with practicians with deep industrial experience from Your area of the automotive and transport system, helping You with the Orchestration of Innovation in Your organisation.

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