Several econometric studies on the macro-economic effects of a transition to a low-carbon transport sector have been done in Europe, such as Fuelling Europe's Future, Fuelling Britain's Future, and En route pour un transport durable, to better estimate various consequences from such a shift. The studies build on Cambridge Econometric's general global macro-econometric E3ME model combined with a feed of detailed road vehicle input pre-processed by a Vehicle Stock Model.

This project, 20-FIFTY will study the effects for Sweden, taking Swedens conditions into consideration, such as its biofuels potential and also the mobility-as-a-service trend. We will build on the investigation "Fossilfrihet på väg", ordered by the Swedish Government in 2012 but will make adjustments and updates where new insights have emerged since the investigations report was released.

The project is funded by Energimyndigheten, headed by Sustainable Business at Viktoria Swedish ICT and run in collaboration with Cambridge Econometrics and Fores.

For further details, please contact project manager ann-charlotte.mellquist [at] viktoria.se (Ann-Charlotte) Mellquist.

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