ProjectAnalysis of effects of free-floating car sharing services

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Analysis of effects of free-floating car sharing services

Free floating car sharing services, where users can pick up and return cars anywhere within a designated area, are gaining ground as an attractive mobility solution for cities. For society such services may decrease congestion, emisssions and noise. However, they require municipalities to give access to parking places and charging infrastructure in inner city areas, which is not uncontroversial.

The project aims to study which effects free floating car sharing services have in reality, by using openly accessible data from 3 actors in 35 cities. Examples of effects are utilization rates, travel time gains, environmental gains, car clustering, connections to demographic data and to other modes of transport, energy needs, etc.

Results can be used to evaluate environmental and energy consequences; and to support decision making among city planners and operators.

The project is run in cooperation between Chalmers University of Technology, Move About and RISE Viktoria. A reference group with the project partners and the cities of Stockholm and Gothenburg secures a holistic view academy-institute-business-society.