ProjectAUX - Automotive Use Experience

Application Areas
AUX - Automotive Use Experience

Together with InUse will we particularly focus on the increase of soft requirements in the HMI development process, such as emotional attractiveness, seamless interaction and the capabilities needed in designing for enjoyable user interface environments. It will also focus on transferring UX knowledge from other consumer technology areas.

The goal is to answer the following questions:

  • How do existing capabilities within the automotive industry (VCC) cope with constant changes due to the increased presence of digital content and focus on user experiences?
  • What organizational changes are required to enhance UX innovation in a dynamic world?
  • What challenges, internal and external, exist to implement possibilities for dynamic capabilities?

The work includes a review of designing for soft values, a literature study and a number of internal VCC workshops held to raise the awareness of existing and lacking capabilities. The workshops will result in a strategy document for change.

The work package focus on capabilities inside and outside of the organization and identify what can be improved to further advance HMI design for next generation users (of cars). It will provide knowledge transfer from other HMI interaction fields regarding best practice of UX HMI development, through written papers and workshops with project partners.