ProjectBanD-IT: Designing innovative IT for Banverket

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BanD-IT: Designing innovative IT for Banverket

The rapid development of sensor technology that has resulted in the technology becoming cheaper and more powerful, has generated a growing interest in and an increased use amongst many of the railway industry actors. Today’s problem is that much of the data that sensor technology generates is piled up in isolated subsystems where it risks becoming a liability rather than an asset. To be able to exploit the large potential that sensor technology implies, two requirements need to be satisfied:

1. There must exist technical possibilities to combine data from different sources (systems and actors) in innovative ways and with maintained integrity, and;

2. There must exist a desire amongst the actors to share their information

The project studies the railway industry as a whole and from a decentralised information ownership examines  how to create IT-based services, which, by combining information objects from several different actors, give each actor more in return than what they gave out. The project’s aim is thus to contribute to the design the railway industry’s future customer-oriented IT-services. This will be implemented through two partly parallel activities: 

a. To design customer-oriented IT-based services for the railway industry that will strengthen the competitiveness vis-à-vis other forms of transportation and enable collaboration between competing actors

b. To suggest how the organising of these services should be designed and carried out and how future information infrastructures underpinning this organising should emerge out of the existing environment