BeliEVe II

How can electric cars become attractive as company cars?

- An evaluation of acceptance for fully electric or plug-in hybrid electric cars offered as company cars

Company cars represent a considerable share of the total new cars sales on the Swedish market. If electric cars could become attractive within this segment that could be an important contribution to a fast commercialization of electric cars in Sweden. However, despite investments from the Swedish government in lowered fringe benefit values for electric cars the number of such cars used as company cars is still vanishingly small.

Starting in 2015 Viktoria Swedish ICT will look into how electric cars, i.e. both fully electric cars and plug-in hybrid electric cars, perform as company cars. The project will be carried out in cooperation with Autolease, DNB Bank and the Swedish sales organizations for BMW, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Volkswagen, and the main goal is to gain an increased understanding of which factors that are the most influential in order for electric cars to have a break through on the Swedish company car market.

Electric cars as company cars will be evaluated from three different perspectives; the employer’s perspective, the employee’s perspective and also from a business perspective for the leasing company and the car manufacturers. 30 cars in total will be leased to employees at a selected handful of Autolease’s customer companies.

The study will follow the lessees for a period of about two years, until the end of the project in December 2017. The users’ attitudes towards electric cars and their opinions of how electric cars compare to regular combustion engine cars will be analyzed. The project will also analyze the need for offering different kinds of additional services in order to convince employees to consider electric cars as company cars as well as look into differences in motives for choosing a plug-in hybrid electric car versus choosing a fully electric car as company car.

The project is called BeliEVe II and is a continuation of the BeliEVe (Business model innovation for Electric Vehicles) project, which was performed by Viktoria Swedish ICT in cooperation with Ericsson and with funding from the Swedish Energy Agency, during 2012-2013. Also BeliEVe II is funded by the Swedish Energy Agency.