ProjectBiRoll - The Role of Car Dealerships in Market Introduction of Electric Vehicles

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BiRoll - The Role of Car Dealerships in Market Introduction of Electric Vehicles

Car dealerships have been an important interface between the vehicle and its customers historically. Last year, the Swedish Energy Agency sought for proposals specifically asked for the knowledge of dealerships in assisting the transmission to non-fossil fuel vehicles. Under the collaboration between three research institutes – KTH, RISE Viktoria and TÖI in Norway, and several car dealers, project BiRoll investigates how dealerships influence the sales of electric cars. The objective is clear: more electric vehicles should be seen on Swedish roads.


Replacing fossil fuel with batteries in cars has a direct impact on two of Sweden's environmental quality objectives: reducing climate impact and regaining cleaner air. However, the diffusion of electric vehicles has been slow. Research on electric vehicles has mainly focused on technology and infrastructure. However, the transition to electric vehicles is highly dependent on user preferences and attitudes to vehicles and mobility. Today, the knowledge gap of the electric car sales process and how it is linked to incentives for purchases still exists. The purpose of BiRoll is to increase the prerequisites for consumers to prefer electric cars to conventional fossil fuel cars. Our intention is to develop practical advices and methods for increasing electric car sales.


This is a Swedish Energy Agency-financed project. For further information, please contact project manager Ana Magazinius ana.magazinius [at] .