Born to Drive

Born to Driven is a research and innovation project with the long term objective to let production complete cars autonomously transport themselves the entire path from factory to ship/train/truck for further transportation throughout the world. In this first project, the aim is to demonstrate the possibility of manoevering self-driving production cars from the factory to the factory parking lot for further transport by train and truck. This includes both prototypes of vehicles, traffic control system as well as rules and regulations for implementation. RISE Viktoria is responsible for on-going evaluation research throughout the life time of the project with the aim to 1) investigate and explore the outcome of the project from a scientific perspective 2) survey and provide support how to navigate interorganizational collaboration barriers that the project encounters, 3) publish research based on the project as case. Submitted research papers Aldén, CJ, Hjalmarsson-Jordanius A., Edvardsson M., Isacson J., Sundin, N., (2017): Re-thinking Automotive Logistics Merging a Novel Driverless Transport Solution with ADAS Functionality. Submitted to ELIV 2017, Bonn, Germany Hjalmarsson-Jordanius, A., Sundin, N., Romell, M., Isacson, J., Aldén CJ., (2017) Disrupting Automotive Logistics through a Combined Intelligent and Autonomous Transport Solution. Accepted for the Proceedings: ITS World Congress 2017, Montreal Canada. Hjalmarsson-Jordanius, A., Isacson, J, Aldén, CJ., Edvardsson, M., Romell, M., Sundin, N., (2017): Born to Drive Transforming Automotive Logistics Through an Intelligent Autonomous Transport Solution. Submitted to ITSC, Tokyo, Japan Hjalmarsson-Jordanius, A., Edvardsson, M., Romell, M., Isacson M., Aldén CJ., Sundin, N., (2018) Autonomous Transport: Transforming Logistics through Driverless Intelligent Transportation. Submitted to TRB 2018, Washington, USA.

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