ProjectCompetence and Innovation Node for Automotive Electronics

Competence and Innovation Node for Automotive Electronics

The Swedish automotive industry is a significant part of the Swedish export industry. Today 25% of product cost is electronics and software and 80% of the innovations. The amount of software in vehicles is increasing and complexity too. The automotive industry´s operation and product architecture must be changed and for this use experience from other industries with embedded electronics such as telecommunications, which is another Swedish area of strength.

It is a weakness that few global system suppliers (Tier1) have major development centres in Sweden. But, many consulting and software companies have and cross-industry and edge expertise.

Swedish automotive industry is at the forefront of the implementation of de-facto standard Autosar. When Autosar reached its full impact, the industry has gone from vertically to be horizontally organized by software view. It opens a whole new market outside the existing business model for developing application software. Here are some interesting future possibilities for creating a new Swedish structure of suppliers.

30 organizations have already started a collaboration to support Swedish actors in this transformation. In 2012, strategic Roundtable Forums will be implemented.

The goal is to foster a renewal and restructuring of the automotive industry so that Sweden is attractive to:

  • Leading car manufacturers (OEM)
  • Development Centers for global systems vendors (Tier1)
  • Consultants in systems and software to customers Worldwide


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