COTOUR - fashion circular economy logistics


Application Areas

The project COTOUR aims to develop H&M Onlines Internet based fashion sales into a circular business concept, where the delivery transport is used also to take back used clothes. The customer value is that it is easy and part of the fashion itself to get rid of old clothes.

The value for the need owner H&M Online is that the relation with the customer becomes more tangible, and that H&M Online’s active initiative to seek sustainable transport solutions become visible for the customer, and for the company H&M this recirculation of goods gives both the possibility to a more controlled sustainability work at several planes, and also a possibility to create relations and new marketing campaigns for their customers.

The value to the H&M Online transport supplier Spring Global Mail is that they through this project can test segmentation of transport services towards consumer goods customers through this specific bidirectional delivery and pickup. In this way this will both enable to bring this sustainable transport concept forward globally together with H&M Online’s global development, and also develop the concept further as a specific competence and an offer into other market segments.    

The scientific research value in this project is the expected increase of knowledge about the logistics for circular business models for online sales of short to medium lifetime consumer products, and about how this may develop into a new sustainable service segment for transport providers.

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