ProjectCross-institutional collaboration towards Circular Business Model innovation

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Cross-institutional collaboration towards Circular Business Model innovation

In this project Viktoria coordinates a cross institutional collaboration between Viktoria Swedish ICT, SP, Swerea/IVF and Inventia with focus on identifying complementary competencies and building a knowledge-platform  for circular business models, applicable in Swedish Industry.  The project is founded by RISE, Research Institutes of Sweden and will be finished during 2014. 


There are encouraging signs and corresponding interests in circular business models as means to achieve a higher degree of competitiveness and profitability in industry. Simultaneously, such business models can achieve radical resource efficiency improvements. The main principle is that by retaining ownership of products and sell their functions or performances, product providers change their business logic from one where there is an interest in short product lives and high throughput volume to one where products should last and serve many customers to contribute to company profit as much as possible.

There are challenges as well such as a potentially higher business risk, return flow logistics, impacts from shifting from product sale to performance sale (on product design, organization, value network, ...).

This project will investigate RISE ability and possibility to provide a "one-stop shop" of knowledge and knowledge development for swedish industry.