ProjectCybersecurity education for automotive software professionals

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Cybersecurity education for automotive software professionals


New vehicles are increasingly connected and automated. This poses a problem since increased levels of connectivity lead to increased attack surfaces, and increased levels of automation lead to increased possibilities for the hackers to control the vehicle behavior.

Aim of the project

In order to help Swedish automotive industry avoid such issues as described above, we aim at developing an education where the participants would gain both theoretical and practical knowledge on how to discover vulnerabilities of this type, how to address them, and how to develop software that does not include them to begin with.

Target Audience

Target audience for this education are:

1) Existing automotive software developers and testers that will focus on security topics only.

2) Newly graduated students that aim to work in the industry, that will focus on understanding the automotive software development, as well as security topics related to it.

Expected Results

We expect this education to result in increased awareness of the most common security issues in automotive industry, and knowledge on how to develop software without introducing them to begin with.