Application Areas

The governmental investigation "Fossilfrihet på väg” pointed out systematic promotion of walking, cycling and public transport as one of the most important strategies for reducing traffic-related emissions. Another governmental report, ”Ökad och säkrare cykling", revealed that the current traffic environment is anything but favorable for cyclists. Accessibility, safety and allocation of space must, according to the report, be improved if the bicycle modal shall increase. There is thus great potential in infrastructural measures that promote cycling. To allow full utilization of their capacity and to enable prioritization between them, decision-makers need further knowledge of differences between their individual impacts as well as information on when they are appropriate to establish.

The overlying research objective of the research initiative is to complement the existing documents VGU and GCM with knowledge about the effects of different types of infrastructural measures intended to promote cycling. This research quest requires nonetheless infrastructural measures to study. The main purpose of the ongoing pre-study is therefore to concurrently with the formation of the network ”Svenska Cykelstäder" investigate possibilities to initiate research projects in cooperation with the member municipalities.


Project partners

Viktoria Swedish ICT, Svensk Cykling and VTI