ProjectCykelstaden – The Future Role of Electric-powered Cargo Bikes

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Cykelstaden – The Future Role of Electric-powered Cargo Bikes

Electric cargo bikes are a decent fossil fuel-free alternative for people who are traveling with goods or passengers. Together with Gothenburg city and cargo bike manufacturer Velove, RISE Viktoria leads the project financed by the Swedish Energy Agency to find a place for a new type of cargo bikes in today’s traffic. These four wheelers also carry the hope to resolve problems such as congestion and air pollution in the city.


Electric-assisted cargo bikes have unique opportunities to contribute to undermining the current car dependency. A four-wheeled electric-assisted cargo bike with weather protection is demonstrated in the Vinnova-funded project Elmob. This project is built upon Elmob by evaluating the application potential within municipal activities as well as the barriers that manufacturers, users and other stakeholders face. The objective is to facilitate further market penetration by reducing environmental impacts from the transport sector. The most important deliverable of Cykelstaden is a roadmap that pin-points barriers and key actions of facilitating electric cargo bikes in city.

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