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Dual-mode bus - prestudy

An electric vehicle usually has a significantly better energy efficiency, lower emissions and less noise compared to internal combustion vehicles. Unfortunately, the energy density in batteries is relatively low compared to, for example, diesel fuel and thus limit the battery powered vehicles usefulness. The large batteries required for an equivalent range capacity would be both expensive and heavy, especially for public transport vehicles with long daily mileage and could require the vehicle to be standing for a long time to fully recharge.

The main goal of this prestudy is to prepare for a demonstration project in which the possibility to use an existing tram network as a source of continuous energy to other public transport vehicles than trams is studied. The continuous transfer of energy for propulsion and recharging, possibly advantageously in combination with additional fast charging at certain stops, would increase the electric range and reduce the dependency of fossil fuel and large batteries in vehicles that to an extent share lanes with trams.

(The picture above is a fictitious illustration.)