ProjectLong-range electric taxi - prestudy

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Long-range electric taxi - prestudy

Electric vehicles are becoming more common among manufacturers but the market share for electric vehicles are growing slowly. The high investment cost or the short range might be reasons that are not perceived justified by the reduced fuel cost and reduced carbon footprint. As a taxi, with a long daily distance covered often in urban areas, the electric vehicle could however be economically feasible and the reduced environmental impact more appreciated. Tests with electric vehicles as taxi are already ongoing in several cities but concerns have been raised regarding the short range the required frequent charging during the day.

The goal of this prestudy is to prepare for a business model and a demonstration of an electric vehicle with battery capacity to cover a taxi driver’s daily need without the need to recharge. The study will also analyze how a long-range electric vehicle could be used in a business largely affected by the combustion vehicles conditions and how it could affect the users and customer’s preconceptions of an electric vehicle.