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Goods Distribution Challenge

Gothenburg is headed towards major new infrastructure works together referred to as the West Swedish Agreement. As a consequence of these major construction works, the traffic system in Gothenburg will be affected by planned and unplanned disturbances, detours, closures, etc between 2016 and 2020. Both travellers and goods transports, independent of transport mode, will require additional support and information in order to reduce traffic problems and let people make informed travel decisions.

The challenge of this project is to develop prototypes of IT services that, given all the traffic disturbances, lead to dependable delivery of goods in the Gothenburg area. The available open data on traffic performance (DATEX II) will be the basis for the development of the services. This will ensure that third party developers will have the necessary information on planned and unplanned disturbances in traffic as well as their consequences.

By organising a innovation contest with open data, the project will be able to deliver prototypes of services. Since the DATEX II format is being used by different European countries, the developed services will be relatively easy to deploy in other cities and nations.

The project is joint venture between Viktoria Swedish ICT, the National Transport Administration and the city of Gothenburg. The project is sponsored by Vinnova.

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