GOTRIS: ITS support for cargo transport on the river of Göta Älv

 GOTRIS II was a research and innovation project which were to design develop a platform for allowing various stakeholders involved in transport on the River Göta Älv to share information. The project were to and demonstrate how this platform would support traffic management between different modes of transport. By bringing together all the actors and let Rail, Maritime and Road share information and services in a RIS (River Information Services) for the Göta River the project demonstrated how Vänern and Göta River shipping could be controlled and guided at the passages of the bridges and locks. This enabling so that disturbances to road and rail transport can be minimized, while the vessels voyage was optimized.

The project developed a pilot version of GOTRIS platform where information sources from the railway, the City and shipping were integrated. Models for control and optimization, as well as functions for ships, traffic management and road system was also developed. The technology, system  and applications were  tested in a demonstration where vessels, operators and users involved. 120 vessels performed about 500 voyages during an 8-month living-lab were the platform could be tuned, optimized and the effects evaluated.

A fully developed GOTRIS platform is designed to create a well-functioning freight traffic over the river that facilitates expansion of the Port of Gothenburg, while traffic is optimized and can expand. From a societal perspective is efficient environmentally-friendly transport can be achieved (rail and shipping rewarded) by minimizing waiting time and ship fuel use. From a state perspective, a well-functioning attractive city with minimal interference from bridge openings achieved.

The consortium that carried out the project consisted of industry actors, government and infrastructure holders, software developers, and research and innovation partners.
• Industry participants were: Ahlmarks Line, Thun Company Erik Thun AB, Vänerhamn AB and the Port of Gothenburg.
• Authorities and infrastructure holders are City of Gothenburg, Karlstad, Kristinehamn, Region Värmland, Maritime Administration, the Swedish Transport Administration and Region Västra Götaland.
• Service Developer's: Intelligent Port Systems AB (inport) and Trafikverket ICT.
• Research and innovation partners were Chalmers University of Technology, SSPA Sweden AB and Viktoria Institute (project manager).

A pilot study was conducted in the fall of 2010 and spring of 2011 which  intended to study how ITS solutions can support a sustainable transport system in the Göta River / Lake Vänern identified a number of key areas where ITS solutions can eliminate or reduce barriers to a river shuttle service, providing improved opportunities for älvpendeltrafik and constitute legal or operational conditions for a älvpendeltrafik. In the autumn of 2011 and spring of 2012 was an A project within the Vinnova program "Challenge Driven Innovation" which formed the basis for this project.

During the GOTRIS II project, a complementary study was performed analyzing the effects from a bridge-opening of Göta Älvbron on the public transport passing the bridge. 
The report from this study can be found in the report-area of this project.


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