ProjectInnovative business ecosystem for cooperative intelligent transportation services

Innovative business ecosystem for cooperative intelligent transportation services

The goal of this project is to build a cross sector consortium that will enable the development, distribution and usage of cooperative ITS transport services targeting national and international traffic, environmental and safety directives. The work involves the initial definition of the necessary cross sector business ecosystem for cooperative ITS including an outline of a system-of-system architecture.

The transportation sector is an important growth factor for society, but there are substantial environmental, economical and societal costs associated. The transportation network needs to become more efficient, especially in urban environments. Road users today experience major problems with traffic density while governments wish to reduce the environmental impact and increase the safety in the road network. Solving this problem through an expansion of the roadnetwork is seen as too expensive. An alternative is to exploit the new communication opportunities and the information embedded in the connected vehicles, infrastructure and nomadic devices. Such an approach has the potential to not only make the road network more efficient but also to create new business opportunities. By creating of the necessary means to develop cooperative ITS (intelligent transportation system) services around the take me through the city theme the business ecosystem that is required to simplify/drive/motivate/a faster development, distribution and use of such services, with content influenced by governments, road users and vehicle manufactures can be created. The developed service has great potential to not only reduce the use of natural resources (energy) but also to contribute to a more attractive city. To create such ITS services, cooperation across and beyond the traditional vehicle business sector is needed as there is no existing natural consortium tackling the development of this type services.

 This project is supported by VINNOVA, challenge driven innovation, Level A project. 


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