ProjectInstitutional Frameworks for Integrated Mobility Services in Future Cities

Institutional Frameworks for Integrated Mobility Services in Future Cities

The project builds knowledge and proposes recommendations on how institutional frameworks can be modified to enable new, integrated mobility services capable of contributing to a transition towards sustainable travel in tomorrow’s cities.

Integrated mobility services are viewed as a new paradigm in which the traveler´s transport needs are fulfilled by a service integrating the entire transport system into a synergetic ecosystem. There are a number of challenges to be met if such services are to become established, such as policy and regulatory changes.

This interdisciplinary project brings together research on institutional challenges and opportunities in the mobility domain, with the development of new technologies and services. A designed, analytical instrument facilitates the identification of institutional barriers and enablers for integrated mobility services. Scientifically based recommendations are advanced in collaboration with relevant stakeholders. The project utilizes case studies of integrated mobility services that may come to dominate the future urban context in Sweden, and compares these with other European experiences.

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