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Intelligent Carbon fibre Composites ICC

Intelligent Carbon fibre Composites ICC
Measuring and storing data from product usage is important for service providers that seek to lower business risks when implementing a circular business model. With integrated ICT solutions in materials, components and product-service systems, material- and product-related risks can be identified and managed from an early stage.

The aim of this prestudy project is to identify potential customer and user needs regarding embedded intelligence in carbon fibre composites, and thereby turn an innovative and advanced material into a platform for innovative service production. This will be done by investigating the potential for integrating existing sensors and ICT solutions into materials or products. New customer value can be derived from taking continuous measurements about product wear and critical incidents during different lifecycle phases.

Benefits include new types of usage data for the next generation of products; more precise knowledge about material quality; and new dimensions of material-based competitiveness via new services that are based on data generated from materials. Used components need only be replaced when absolutely necessary,  which delivers further sustainability benefits.