ProjectIntelligent Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles

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Intelligent Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles


Viktoria Institute initiated this project, jointly financed by the project partners, where actors from different sectors of industry are working together to create the prerequisites for “Intelligent infrastructure” and related services based on a clear usability focus. Volvo Car, Göteborg Energi, Ericsson and Viktoria Institute are using workshops and scenario-techniques towards a common perceptions of obstacles , barriers, opportunities and the need for standards and architecture for charging infrastructure in order to succeed with a large scale introduction of electrical vehicles into the society. The project have now resulted in

  • Identified obstacles for a large-scale implementation of electric cars
  • New possible business models connected to the charging infrastructure
  • A system architecture for intelligent infrastructure for the charging of electric vehicles

Based on this, the project partners are now planning for a pilot project, where the findings of the project can be verified.

This project is also affiliated to the Volvo Car “Electric car project”, funded by the Swedish Energy Agency, where the Volvo C30 was converted to a pure electric car.