ProjectLINUS - Norwegian charging infrastructure from a Swedish point of view

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LINUS - Norwegian charging infrastructure from a Swedish point of view

The LINUS-project aims to investigate what Sweden can learn from Norway regarding the expansion of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

For over twenty-five years, the Norwegians have been driving electric vehicles and have much experience of recharging their electric vehicles at public charging stations. This means that they have a long practice compared to Sweden in the subject matter. This experience is something that Sweden can benefit and learn from, and thus work towards reducing the barriers for the establishment of new public charging stations for electric vehicles.

The goal is that the final report produced in this project be used as a basis to help key stakeholders make decisions that are instrumental for the expansion of the charging infrastructure in Sweden.

Viktoria Swedish ICT will lead the research study, which initially will aim at identifying the issues related to charging infrastructure that Swedish stakeholders are grappling with, then go to Norway, and investigate how the same issues have been resolved there. The aim is also to learn from the good efforts made in Norway and examine how they could be applied in a Swedish context.

The long-term goal is that by crystallizing the lessons learned from the pioneering country Norway, the findings from the LINUS-project will be able to suggest how Swedish stakeholders can work strategically to eliminate any barriers in the establishment of the public charging infrastructure for electric cars.


Project leader: Mazdar Haghanipour, Power Circle


Project Partners: Power Circle, Viktoria Swedish ICT, Norsk Elbilförening, Fortum, ABB, Falu Energi & Vatten, eMotion Technologies Sweden