ProjectMETOHMI - User Involvement

METOHMI - User Involvement

Digital technology creates new opportunities for automotive manufacturers to involve customers and other external stakeholders in product design. Various automotive initiatives indicate that this concept is particularly attractive for Infotainment, due to its substantial overlap with consumer electronics which increasingly influence our daily lives. With this project we are identifying possibilities for the automotive industry to involve external recourses in the development and design of HMI (Human Machine Interface and Interaction) and its coupled functionality and applications.

This project is a work package within METOHMI which is coordinated and led by Volvo Cars. Other involved partners in METOHMI are: Semcon, HiQ, Chalmers, Luleå Tekniska Universitet, Linköpings Tekniska universitet samt VTI.

We are financed by FFI (Fordonsstrategisk Forskning och Innovation), Vinnova