ProjectMulti Modal Information Sharing

Multi Modal Information Sharing

Traffic and logistics information need to become digitized to allow for processes to be automated, planning horizons to be longer and enable the right partner to have the right information at the right time. However, digitizing and connecting the many different partners that make up the logistics chain is a challenge. To understand the intricate web of the current information sharing the Multi Modal Information Sharing (MMID) project maps the information flow around two concrete use cases. 

Through interviews, led by RISE ICT, with the partnering steel manufacturers (Sandvik and SSAB), their sea freight forwarders (Geodis and Panalpina) and land transportation operators (Green Cargo and Road Cargo) along with the container terminal (Yilport Gävle) an overview of both the current state and the future needs is developed. Based on this overview and the different actors’ input, the value of certain information is traced beyond who currently has access to it. This value helps to explore new business models and the obstacles to implementing them. In parallel, project partner Ericsson heads the development of an open architecture to allow for a more efficient sharing of information in this complex multi-modal transport environment. The project is supported by Vinnova, domain experts from Gävle Hamn, the Swedish Maritime and Transport Administrations, and is lead by CLOSER. 

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