ProjectNetwork Innovation through Vertical Standards

Network Innovation through Vertical Standards


The project explores how open interface standards may leverage IT-enabled value creation and innovation among business actors within and across value chains. An open interface standard defines how various systems based internally on proprietary technologies should communicate externally with other systems using a standardized messaging format. Such standardization has the potential to bind information infrastructures together, allowing for communication between otherwise incoherent parts.

In the transport context, this type of system infrastructures is necessary to enable transport organizations to implement an assembly of best-of-breed applications that fit their business needs, thus avoiding interconnectivity problems between such applications internally in their organization as well as externally with partners.  A key component of the predominant business model of large IT providers in the road transport industry is to lock-in customers to proprietary standards. As the predominant system architecture shifts towards open standards, business models will have to adapt to this technological disruption. This project will identify ways to leverage a dynamic and growing market with less technical lock-in.

Project partners include Volvo Trucks, Scania, Dalarna University, Viktoria Institute, and a set of industry actors participating in the MSI Group.