ProjectOpen Design Infrastructure

Open Design Infrastructure

The objective of Open Design Infrastructure (ODI) is to develop new platform concepts and harmonizing governance strategies, helping the automotive industry to develop an open innovation agenda in the area of vehicle infotainment. Open innovation is increasingly important in this domain since the ongoing digitalization of society is breaking up many traditional industry boundaries. Properly designed, an open innovation strategy may allow the automotive industry to handle inherent life cycle differences between infotainment products and the complete vehicle. Additionally, it improves the capability to sense and respond to the increasing functional diversity in the consumer electronics industry. A key challenge of this project is to balance the level of openness towards legitimate needs for automotive industry control.Open Design Infrastructures is a part of the project User Information and Interaction (USI), coordinated and led by Volvo Car Corporation. The other partners of USI are; HiQ, Semcon, Chalmers, and Luleå University of Technology. USI is funded by the partners and Vinnova’s program for strategic vehicle research and innovation (FFI).